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42 - Can You Be a Christian AND an Athlete with Paul Putz?

March 09, 2024 Slim and Malcolm Season 2 Episode 42
Theology In Pieces
42 - Can You Be a Christian AND an Athlete with Paul Putz?
Show Notes

On this week's podcast we explore the intersection of faith and sports and we're joined by Dr. Paul Putz, the Assistant Dire​ctor of the Faith & Sports Institute at Baylor's Truett Seminary.  Paul is a friend, basketball phenom, and a historian who has studied the long history of sports in America and the ebbs and flows of its relationship to Christianity. 

Listen in to hear not only a historical perspective on the origins of sports like basketball and baseball, but to investigate whether Christians can rightly hold the Christian ethic while simultaneously competing and striving to beat their opponent.  We'll talk about capitalism, NIL, and the addictive nature of sports, as well as the good, the right, the true of using our bodies in games such as these. 

To learn more you can  follow Paul on X/twitter: @p_emory, Threads/Instagram: @paulemoryputz, or subscribe to his Substack newsletter, Spirit of the Game or check out his website:

Faith And Sports Institute at Baylor's Truett Seminary

Also, read about how James Naismith's descendants recently visited with Paul and Baylor this past year.  

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